Welcome to the lab

Social Alterations is powered by its founders, Dr Mary Hanlon (PhD, Sociology, The University of Edinburgh) and Dr Nadira Lamrad (PhD, City University of Hong Kong).

Since 2009, we have collaborated to share news and resources, and to design and build lesson plans, workshops and activities related to responsible fashion, and the social and environmental challenges at work within the global fashion and apparel supply chain.

We believe that responsible fashion education has the potential to transform the ways in which we view and understand the nature of clothing, and how it connects to the world around us. We focus on labour rights and social justice, as well as corporate social responsibility, governance, and environmental security.

Our work is open access and published through the Creative Commons. All of our resources are available to download for free in the Social Alterations Learning Lab. We invite you to use these resources by incorporating them into your work, research, classrooms, etc. and by sharing them with your colleagues and students.

Be sure to check out our blog posts and find us on Facebook & Twitter for the latest news in responsible fashion.