Update// Noko is a No Show!!

If you read our website regularly, you may have seen a post in December about Noko Jeans, a company manufacturing jeans in North Korea (DPRK).  At the end of that post I wrote: “To tell you the truth, I don’t really know what to think about this so, I emailed Noko jeans earlier today asking […]


“As part of SHIFT from 29 January – 1 February the Centre for Sustainable Fashion will present: The first ever graduate showcase from London College of Fashion’s MA Fashion & the Environment The work on display will explore a range of opportunities and design challenges where ingenuity and resourcefulness are inspired through living within nature’s […]

WATCH//Beyond Green

Presenting at Beyond Green this past November at Amsterdam Fashion Institute, Kate Fletcher, author of Sustainable Textiles: Design Journeys (2008), spoke on the topic of “Fashion and Sustainability,” Adri­aan Beuk­ers, a full-time Pro­fes­sor on Com­pos­ite Ma­te­ri­als & Struc­tures at the Fac­ul­ty of Aerospace Engi­neer­ing at Delft Uni­ver­si­ty of Tech­nol­o­gy and a part-time pro­fes­sor for Engi­neer­ing […]

Fast Forward: Fashioning an Ethical Industry International Conference

Title: Fast Forward: Fashioning an Ethical Industry International Conference Location: London Link out: Click here “In a time when we are increasingly concerned with the impact of the fashion industry on people and the planet students need to be equipped to design the way we make and consume fashion differently. This two day international conference […]

Community News

A roundup of some of the stories, headlines, and updates you may be interested in from in and around the community of socially responsible fashion design. [Image: Beyond Green, via Modebewust] Coco Eco Magazine Issue 8 Don’t be afraid to start a change, change can happen in very very small places.   (Kate Fletcher, speaking at Beyond […]

Beyond Green

Title: Beyond Green Location: Am­s­ter­dam Link out: Click here “This year the sym­po­sium again in­cludes a Be­yond Green Gallery with pre­sen­ta­tions on in­no­va­tive pro­jects by young de­sign­ers and grass-roots or­ga­ni­za­tions, and ex­hi­bi­tion stands manned by nu­mer­ous com­pa­nies con­nect­ed with fash­ion, tex­tiles and sus­tain­abil­i­ty. A swap­shop will al­so take place where vis­i­tors can ex­change (closed purse) […]

project inspiration

Further information on the origins of Social Alterations Social Alterations began as a project that hoped to reflect the progression of my research as a graduate student at Athabasca University: the nature of socially responsible fashion design education, with respect to ethical sourcing in the fashion industry. My research has investigated the relationship of design […]

A closer look into Gap Inc.’s new Clean Water Program

Gap Inc.’s Clean Water Program, established in 2004 to monitor water contamination, has now grown into a system that advertises zero waste from the factory. Inside the pocket of each pair of 1969 jeans you will find this statement: “The water used in the process of washing & dying these jeans has been specially treated […]

new teaching resources just in time for the fall semester

If you are thinking about incorporating responsible design into your curricula this upcoming fall semester here are a few resources to get you started. Nathan Shedroff, author of the book, Design is the Problem:  has recently published free curricula under Creative Commons license. This is a series of free syllabi and teaching materials to help […]

The Cotton Conundrum

  Nowadays, when it comes to cotton, you can pretty much take your ‘pick’: low-chemical, organic, low-water use, fair trade, conventional. So what’s all the hype this week about organic cotton? Well, Organic Exchange released their 2007-2008 Organic Cotton Market Report.   According to this article:   “Global retail sales of organic cotton apparel and […]