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University of Delaware, Department of Fashion and Apparel Studies: FIBERcasts

FIBERcast 1: Social Responsibility’s Place in the Global Apparel Industry, February 23, 2009 Listen!

FIBERcast 2: Global Sourcing Trends in the Apparel Industry, June 5, 2009 Listen!

FIBERcast 3: Environmental Sustainability in the Apparel Industry, July 31, 2009 Listen!


Allan Chochinov on Greener Gadgets and Sustainable Design, Interview by Nora Young on Spark, CBC

In this podcast, Nora Young from CBC’s Spark interviews Allan Chochinov from Core77 on the stand-out design entries from the Greener Gadgets Design Competition, in New York. In this interview, Chochinov discusses his views as a design educator on the responsibility of designers. This is the full unedited podcast, and it is worth checking out.

Source: Spark


“Lies, Damn Lies, and the Seventh Sin of Greenwashing,” Joel Makower interviews Scot Case, from TerraChoice

In this podcast, Joel Makower from Greenbiz interviews Scot Case, Vice President of TerraChoice on the issue of greenwashing and their 2009 report “The Seven Sins of Greenwashing.” You can find the interview transcript, here.

Source: Greenbiz


Social Alterations Podcast:

SA had the pleasure of meeting with Vancouver designer Natalie Purschwitz of Hunt and Gather at her showroom on Saturday, Oct. 17th (Day 47!) to discuss her project, MakeShift.

Here is the edited interview.

The MakeShift project challenges Purschwitz to wear only items she herself has made, for an entire year. The MakeShift Blog catalogues her daily progress. Click here, for more details.