Responsible Leather

Is there such a product?  According to Hare+Hart, there is and they’re using it to make beautifully designed pieces.  Company founders, Jennie Engelhardt and Emily Harrison, tell us on their website:

“we believe that the materials and production process are just as important as the aesthetics. We produce our collection in Argentina so that all of our cow leather is sourced from grass-fed, free roaming Argentine cows, providing a better life for the cow as well as preventing marring of the hide. We choose hides from cows that are also being used for beef so that no part of the animal is wasted.”

They then go on to address labour conditions in the production process saying that “we ensure that all of the craftsmen working on our items receive fair wages and benefits.”

Over at GretaGuide, the video below was posted showing Jennie and Emily talking about their company, its values and their vision for the future.

Hare+Hart: Ethical Leather Line from Greta Eagan on Vimeo.

Their look book is stunning with easy to wear, graceful everyday pieces.  I love, love, love their Schiller jacket and their Donelan tuxedo blazer.

It’s no secret that Mary and I are fans of their designs.  Mary has even become a fan on facebook!  Still, SA is a website dedicated to responsible design and it’s clear that Hare+Hart have the design bit covered, but we want to know more about the responsible part of their business.  So, I emailed Hare+Hart yesterday asking them for an interview and they have graciously accepted (thanks guys!).

If you have any questions that you would like me to ask, please let me know by email or on our facebook fanpage.  I plan to email the interview questions on Monday.  Stay tuned for an update to this story!!

Nadira Lamrad

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  2. Jean Fisher

    I will be visiting Argentina in Febuary and wondered if you have a showroom that I could visit and see your finished wares. If at all possible that would certainly be a treat for a visitor from America, Illinois. I hear that Argentina would be the place for leather fashions. Thank you in advance for acknowleding my request.

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