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7 thoughts on “FOLLOW

  1. maryhanlon Post author

    Hi Ann,
    Thanks for introducing us and our readers to Stacy Lee–her RE(-)CREATION collection is stunning!

  2. Mira

    Would love to do a link exchange with you fabulous site! We are Green By Design, a San Francisco based eco fashion/ sustainable education website.


    Looking forward to it.

  3. maryhanlon Post author

    Hi Mira! We’ve uploaded your site to our database! Green by Design is a great site!

  4. Jade Smith


    I too would like to do a link exchange (well, my blog already links to social alterations). It would be great to get a few more visitors to my blog for comments!

  5. maryhanlon Post author

    Hi Gema,

    Thanks for the message! Our contact information is hiding in the about section:

    You can contact either Nadira or myself: and

    Looking forward to hearing from you, because we’d like to learn more about your upcoming course on responsible fashion to share with our readers.

    Great work at Slow Fashion Spain!

    All the best and Happy New Year,


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