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CWAC // Ethical Menswear Product Guide

Commerce with a Conscious takes shopping for ethical menswear to the next leve1 thanks to the new CWAC Product Guide.

Here is how it works: “With the CWACPG, visitors can browse and compare CWAC-approved clothing and accessories based on the criteria of their choosing. The idea is have all of the best eco / ethical product in one place, thus taking the hassle out of socially responsible shopping.” (Brad Bennett, Editor at CWAC).

The CWACPG organizes items by “Ethical Attribute,” showcasing only clothing and accessories that have been “CWAC-approved.” Amazing.

Congratulations to CWAC on a fantastic initiative. Check it out!!

Roundup II //Holiday Gift Guide



It is entirely possible to be well dressed without compromising your morals, or spending beyond your means. All it takes is a little research.” (Commerce with a Conscious)









Commerce with a Conscious: Ethical fashion for the fastidious gentleman has developed beautiful guides to Good Giving

On Their Person// Belts and Ties// Wallets and Cases// Hats, Scarves and Gloves

CwaC has even selected some Editor’s Picks, just in time for you to add them to your holiday wish list.

At Social Alterations, our favourite pick this season for wo/men is Vancouver based Red Flag Design. Here is a snapshot of the company’s design ethos, in the context of Abandoned Materials:

Textile innovation in the industrial world has created fabrics that surpass our expectations of performance. The desire to be stronger, lighter, faster, etc. drives a continual reinvention of materials. This constant growth leaves a trail of obsolescence; as each new material is introduced, an old one is left behind. Red Flag Design has created the ALTERNATE USE MATERIAL (AUM) line to take advantage of the abandoned materials generated through this process of evolution. Through the AUM concept, Red Flag has taken upon itself the exploration of the vast potential laying dormant in the unconsidered applications of recycled materials. The first AUM product line is made from recycled sailcloth.” (Red Flag Design, About)

The Musette

Their last minute holiday sale ends today @7pm. BUT, according to their website, they are open to personal sale extensions based on your busy holiday schedule! So if you can’t make it down today, give them a call.

Also, check out Ethical Style’s blog post Green Gift Guides Galore, were they break down their favourite holiday gift guides. Their holiday issue is out tomorrow (Thursday), so be sure to follow them! AND they have just launched a holiday giveaway in partnership with Brilliant Earth! Beautiful!