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Design Currency 2010// Design Week, Vancouver

Design Currency: Icograda Design Week In Vancouver Cur”rency\ The state or quality of being current; general acceptance or reception; a passing from person to person, or from hand to hand.

Design has the power to influence our core values, our identity, our expectations and our worldview. Design brings clarity and enhances meaning. Design Currency 2010 offers designers, business leaders and government the opportunity to experience current design thinking. Reshape your understanding of the value of design. 

As a Vancouverite, I am so excited for Design Week Vancouver: Design Currency 2010.

I’ve written before on SA on the inspiring research and work of both Nathan Shedroff, author of Design is the Problem, and David Berman, author of Do Good Design. Both Shedroff and Berman will be speaking at the conference on sustainable practice, alongside Valerie Elliott. Click here for a full list of speakers.

To ice my gluten-free cake, the outstanding Giant Ant Media is one of the supporting partners: there is no doubt this event will be brilliant and inspiring.  

Title: Design Currency 2010// Design Week, Vancouver
Location: Vancouver
Link out: Click here

Start Date: 2010-04-26
End Date: 2010-04-30