Fashion Summit: Nordic Initiative Clean and Ethical – NICE

In preparation for the Fashion Summit, Nordic Initiative Clean and Ethical (NICE) is currently conducting hearings in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark to discuss the implementation of a new 10-year plan as well as a Nordic Code of Conduct- for best practices among fashion companies in Nordic countries. This 10-year plan will be unveiled at the Fashion Summit.

Fashion Summit

Title: Fashion Summit: Nordic Initiative Clean and Ethical – NICE
Location: Copenhagen
Link out: Click here
Description: “Nordic Initiative Clean and Ethical (NICE) is a joint Nordic project with the main purpose of motivating and assisting companies in integrating sustainability and social responsibility in their business processes and practices for the better of society. NICE is an educational project and process created for, and in collaboration with the Nordic fashion industry.”

Date: 2009-12-09

Source: Nordic Fashion Association

Mary has a PhD in Sociology from University of Edinburgh, researching responsible fashion and transnational labour rights activism in the wake of the Rana Plaza building collapse in Bangladesh.

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