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A roundup of some of the stories, headlines, and updates you may be interested in from in and around the community of socially responsible fashion design.


[Image: Beyond Green, via Modebewust]

Coco Eco Magazine

Issue 8

Don’t be afraid to start a change, change can happen in very very small places. 

 (Kate Fletcher, speaking at Beyond Green)


Design Thinking is the Flavour of the Month

CSR Asia

CSR Asia Weekly Vol. 5, Week 47

–  Does microfinance always lead to development?
–  Health and safety for the business and the community
–  Codes of conduct: The view from the small end of town…

Ethical Style

Issue # 26 “The British Invasion”

Fashion Loves People

The Fashion Loves People Store: Open now!

Fashion Takes Action and Evolution Green

Shop Sustainable

How about not designing that thing? (SlowLab, speaking at Beyond Green)




Ascension Opens the First Ethical Fashion Store in Central London

Global Sourcing Marketplace Draws Sustainable Designers and Suppliers

Nau CEO Gordon Seabury Talks Sustainable Fashion

The Story of Stuff….in Spanish!

La Historia de las Cosas

University of Delaware

Dr. Marsha Dickson is awarded the Apparel Magazine All Star Award by the International Textile and Apparel Association



Mary has a PhD in Sociology from University of Edinburgh, researching responsible fashion and transnational labour rights activism in the wake of the Rana Plaza building collapse in Bangladesh.

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