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The Future Fabrics Expo focuses on the fashion industry and how its environmental impact can be lowered through innovation in the textile industry, and novel ideas to transform the fashion system and design practice.” (The Sustainable Angle 2012)

This November be sure to check out the Future Fashion Expo hosted by the London College of Fashion. This event is organised by The Sustainable Angle with the support of the Center for Sustainable Fashion. Visitors to the Expo will have the opportunity to view a diverse range of fabrics and gain a feel for their aesthetics and performance, as well as finding out about their production.

The Sustainable Angle has been researching and presenting high quality fashion fabrics which are produced with the intention of reducing environmental impact throughout the supply chain, addressing issues of biodiversity, water, waste and energy. These materials are sourced from international mills, suppliers, and cooperatives, highlighting both environmentally considerate and ethical production.” (Center for Sustainable Fashion 2012)

Last year, I attended the first Future Fabrics Expo and found it to be an informative research opportunity that I highly recommend to others. As a fashion student interested in responsible sourcing most of my research had previously been online and I was grateful for the chance to browse at the Expo; getting up close to so many new and exciting fabrics.

Now in its second year the Future Fabrics Expo is expanding to include further information about other aspects of fashion supply chains as well as moving to the prestigious Rootstein Hopkins Space. I am excited by the broader scope of this year’s event which again promises to be an invaluable experience for designers and students alike.

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LEARN // Sasha Duerr takes on responsible design at UC Berkeley Extension

Will you be in San Francisco this summer? Make sure to check out Sasha Duerr’s course on Eco Fashion at UC Berkeley Extension, running June 14th to July 19th.

Course Description // X402.6 (1 semester unit in Architecture)

Learn fashion with human health and the environment in mind. Evaluate the culture of fashion, learn about green materials, and understand socially responsible supply chains. This class is ideal for anyone in the industry who wants to make sustainability fashionable.

Duerr is the founder of Permacouture Institute and the author of The Handbook of Natural Plant Dyes: Personalize Your Craft with Organic Colors from Acorns, Blackberries, Coffee, and Other Everyday Ingredients.

Don’t miss it!

Source: UC Berkeley Extension

READ // Sasha Duerr: The Handbook of Natural Plant Dyes

Sasha Duerr’s The Handbook of Natural Plant Dyes: Personalize Your Craft with Organic Colors from Acorns, Blackberries, Coffee, and Other Everyday Ingredients is an absolute must have for fashion and textile artists, designers, students and educators.

In an interview with Timber Press (the publisher) Duerr was asked why she wrote this book, and while her answer is powerful, it also presents an opportunity for mainstream fashion to harness its cultural foundation:

Books and information on natural dyes are diverse, and dye-producing plants and color recipes differ from region to region. As my love of natural color grew, I realized that many dye recipes have been lost to particular cultures and areas of the world. Through creative re-engagement we can begin to revive these recipes and reconnect with the long history of handmade beautiful and non-toxic color sources. (We can also be innovative and create awe inspiring fresh and contemporary designs!)” (Sasha Duerr)

Duerr is the founder of the Permacouture Institute, an education non-profit working toward “regenerative design in fashion and textiles.” If you’re not yet familiar with their work, please click here and visit their beautiful site, and here to visit the blog to read the entire interview with Timber Press.

Photo Credit: Tristan Davison

Photo Source: The Permacouture Institute