Image courtesy of Kick4change on, © All rights reserved.

Image courtesy of Kick4change on, © All rights reserved.

Kick4change is a European social enterprise started by Jamie Tosh and Simon Brown with the goal of “making sport as accessible as possible for as many young people as possible, allowing them to benefit from the life skills and experiences that only sport can provide.” This is done by reinvesting 50% of the profits back into schools and community sports clubs that register with the company and specifically purchase 4sport branded cleats (boots).  The other 50% of profits is also used to invest into grassroots sports and other causes.  The cleats are priced at £14.99 (around $25 US).  According to the website:

“We can afford to sell the products at such a competitive price because we are not dictated to by executives or shareholders driven by short term profit. Our quality rivals anything currently available on the market and our products are as aspirational as any brand due to their overriding values, design and style.”

Working with Kick4Life, an organization with similar goals focused on Lesotho, Kick4change is investigating the idea of “boot libraries.”

What a beautiful idea!!

Sources: Kick4Life and Kick4Change

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