Happy New Year!


Hong Kong, Photo by Chris Lee (cblee), flickr.com

With 2012 already here in Hong Kong, here’s a look back at ten of our more popular posts from 2011:

Although we may not post as often as we’d like to, Mary and I are committed to responsible fashion education under a creative commons license. Unfortunately, our full time jobs keep us from devoting our full attention to our passion. We are both working to make Social Alterations a worthwhile endeavor that is both intellectually stimulating and financially sustainable. Thank you for all your support over the years! From me in Hong Kong and Mary in Vancouver, we wish you a truly heartfelt happy new year!

Vancouver, Photo by Richard G (EDeadPixel), flickr.com

Nadira Lamrad

Nadira is the co-founder of Social Alterations. She is currently completing her final year as a PhD Candidate at City University of Hong Kong.

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