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Social Alterations is a learning hub for responsible fashion. In the lab you’ll find lesson plans, activities, workshops, games, etc., all for… free! What’s the catch?

Well, if you want to learn with us, you’ve got to get serious about the social and ecological impacts of the fashion industry. Our education modules will do more than get you started, they’ll motivate you to inspire change.





 The #GET Stage

 The #MAKE Stage

 The #BUY Stage

The #TOSS Stage

Lesson 1:

Sifting Through the ‘Ecofashion’ Lexicon


Lesson 2:

Key Players

Lesson 3:

Global Governance and the Corporation

Lesson 4:

Corporate Social Responsibility


Fashion High:

Understanding the Impact of your Clothing

[Pre-16 Workshop]


Fibre Analysis:

Possible Social and Environmental Impacts

Post by Mary and Nadira

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